Ambassador Program

Are you Passionate About Your Hot Yoga Practice?

Do you want to share all of the great benefits you're experiencing with your practice?

Help us spread the love for hot yoga and its powerful healing to more people. Connect within your OWN communities, on behalf of The Elements Hot Yoga, to share this program with those who need it with free classes

You can help us by becoming an Ambassador.

Here's the spill... 

What do Ambassadors do? 

The ambassador program at The Elements Hot Yoga is a wonderful opportunity to get involved in the studio community and receive the benefits of yoga in return for your time and effort. It works like this:

Devote two hours of your time (on the same day and at the same time each week) to help us out around the studio. 

Practice once or twice a week (you can schedule your work time around your practice!)

Help us spread the word about The Elements Hot Yoga online and at events in the community. This means posting online/utilizing social media as well as sharing digital posters and announcements, and giving away free passes.

Ambassadors' social media submissions will be added to The Elements Hot Yoga FB, Twitter and Instagram pages, and are required to post in this group about events they are attending/ have attended at which they are promoting The Elements Hot Yoga.

What do Ambassadors get? 

Be compensated generously with a free unlimited membership for helping us build our community!

Be compensated generously by karma!

Be awesome!


To become an Ambassador, fill out our form online.  

Ambassadors will be considered independent contractors and must sign a contract of non-disclosure.

Ambassadors ARE NOT required to have their 200 Hr Certification or be instructors