FREE Community Class for Peace

peace hands.jpeg

SAT FEB 18 -4pm 75min class


With all of the stress from everyday life...Politics, Work, Projects, Finances, etc. we need to create little peace and serenity in our lives now more than ever. As a gift from The Elements Hot Yoga, Monica and Kendall will both be teaching class so there will be lots of juicy adjustments and enhancements.

All we would like to do is give back to a community that has helped us thrive by creating a place of peace in the midst of everything that is going on.

It does not matter if you have been here before or even if you have a current membership. 
It is a special class that will start with a short guided meditation, then we will work on opening all of the Myofascial lines of the body to relieve any tension. Class will end with longer restorative postures to restore and nourish the soul.