The Secrets to Power and Peace

  • The Elements Hot Yoga 340 Greenbrier Drive Charlottesville, VA, 22901 United States

Weekend Intensive with John and Chris Yax!

Practice - Master Class - Friday 6-8pm $35

Introduction to an amazing weekend with a master class that will be team taught by John and Christopher!

Power - Principles of Alignment and Strength - Saturday 9-12pm $69

Explore four Principles of Alignment that will change everything you thought you new about your practice. These principles are the keys to unlocking your poses to create power and peace within the body. Discussion, Pose Clinic, and Practice

Peace - Experience Freedom using Meditation and Restoration - Saturday 2-5pm $69

What’s the problem? Here is the solution...the secret lies in our ability to shift our perspective, to see life from a larger, more balanced viewpoint. We will teach techniques to concentrate and quiet the constantly chattering mind. The space created will give us fresh eyes to see the world. The workshop will finish with fully supported restorative poses and a guided meditation. Discussion, Meditation, Restorative Practice

Whole Weekend $149