Disrupt Your Process

You may be thinking, why in the world would I do that if everything is working just fine? Exactly the reason why, it gets uncomfortable when we change what we do. It's in our human nature to get comfortable, because we're wired for it. Our minds perceive discomfort as dangerous and for our self preservation we move away from what burns (Budda's Brain) 

This is the reason why changing what we do is important to individual growth. In changing our habits we're able to see our patterns from a different angle. What Patterns? All of them! How we sit up when we work and eat, how we repeat the same scripts in our heard about what we are and we are not, our likes and dislikes, how we communicate with those we love (and don't)

Our summers are just like that! My parents would take me on a vacation during the summer and we would drive to villages in Mexico we didn't know already. Looking back, the value of those vacations is how I was changed forever when I came back home. This is disrupting the process: stepping away a little from your routine.

At The Elements Hot Yoga we embrace this concept by introducing more 45 minute classes for the summer. I know it's difficult to detach from long workouts, if this is what your pattern is, or maybe your're a twice a week person currently. What are the opportunities?  

  • Learn to use muscular effort in your practice to bring your heart rate up and burn as many, or close to the calories you do in a 60 min class
  • Learn to stay engaged throughout class, in focus and in muscle, embracing the concept that the posture never ends. 
  • Take two classes back to back if you're looking for a longer practice (did you see our Thursday evening schedule?) 2 - 45 min classes, Earth and Water, with only a 15 min turnaround.
  • Come back more often! Lets face it, it's easier to tackle shorter classes in a busy life more often, than longer classes less often. Coming more often also helps your mind stay focused during your day, and it helps your metabolism stay fired up. Movement begets movement.

We're looking forward to hearing your feedback. Give it a couple of weeks to settle in and let us know your breakthroughs or setbacks. 

Fall will come again soon and your mindset could be changed forever.

In Gratitude,

Monica and Kendall

Elements Hot Yoga

The Elements Hot Yoga, 340 Greenbrier Drive, Charlottesville, VA, 22901