February Chills


February rolls around, and New Year resolutions begin to fade in the background. What is it about time that makes us forget? Is it because we lose touch with the present moment and the normal hustle of our daily lives dampens our inner fire? No matter what situation we try to create, how many ducks in a row we line up, we will continue to bump into ourselves. This is exactly what February chills (although its 70 today) bring about. We bump ourselves into our habitual patterns. We ask ourselves, what if I change this diet plan, because the one I started is not working. If its not working like my mind planned, then might as well drop it. Or, this new exercise routine is not working like it should, I’m going to try something different, look squirrel! We listen to the abundance of distractions and stimulus, and we’re left wondering for the next 10 months, what if I had stuck with it? While questioning the motives for our wanted change is important, focusing our attention in the intention trumps the motive, because later on we might find out the true reason for that wanted change and today’s intention and attention might serve as a stepping stone for a higher purpose.

Which brings me to Rumi’s quote “the moment you accept what troubles you’ve been given the door opens.” I struggle with this guys, a lot, and I have to ask for help from my HIgher Power daily. I have to consistently step onto my mat to remember that my perception of the world is flawed and that the love the brought me into existence will never let me down. Key word: consistence. Only through constant effort, not constant perfection, can we begin to pierce through what holds us back, our lack of acceptance of our troubles. Make a consistent effort to open the door to peace within you and return to look at what you started at the beginning of the year.

XOXO Monica


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